Friday, 26 December 2008

whats going i mean coming down

i know i havent been posting like i should, but i have been busy.

For christmas hubby and the kids bought me a mushroom growing kit, some lovely hand tools, seeds.(about 5 packs).. and promised to help me around the garden, and true to their (boxing day) they started cutting back a HUGE budliea which has been blocking out the sun in one part of the garden. it is just outside our garden wall, in the waste ground, which used to be where all my chickens lived... so its time to get that back in order too...wink


While hubby and my eldest were doing that i cleaned mrs chook and duckywucky out, which i thought the duck was a boy.... But.. it has now starting quacking and it hasnt got a 'kiss curl' on its butt hopefully some lovely eggs from her in the spring....

i had their house all nice with fresh straw, and what do they do.????? go and mess it all up .....there's no pleasing some people..... oooooo i mean