Monday, 9 March 2009

and we're off ( again)

yep my daydream fund has now got some money in it again... so we're off with the grand total of............

wait for it................



so my little piggy has now been



went to the farm auction on saturday with hubby, and we bought 6 bluebell chicks and 6 naked neck chicks..... sadly we lost one of the bluebell chicks, it was a very cold and damp day, there is one that still doesnt look right, so i havent gone into to work today, so i can keep an eye on it...

have decided i am going to grow alot more seeds etc than i will use myself to sell at the farm auction to raise some more this afternoon i am going to buy a kg of runner bean seeds and a kg of broad bean seeds and a box of 408 plant trays for 9 plants each, from a local bargin shop/garden supplies, this guy also has a storage unti by my unit so... he's giving me a goods price on them...i think the trays work out at 12p each and the runner bean seeds are £11 per kg so all in all i will make some money there..if not i will have loads of runner beans to sell and put in the

Need to plant up some strawberry plants that i got today, which i ordered off ebay... i bought 20 runners, which are huge and healthy... so will pot them in individual pots and keep them in the greenhouse, to bring them on a bit earlier... cant wait.... strawberries and cream......mmmmmmmmmm

so my mojo is back on track...

catch you all later.....

Sunday, 1 March 2009

oooo i am such a dirty girl .....'look'

i am such a dirty girl....'look' at these hands


hahahahaha.....'gotcha' ......what did you think i had been up to...ok dont answere

well i have had a wonderfull day just doing bits around the garden and in the greenhouse..

i had to make a start on planting these seeds and garlic


so i got my trays all ready


and started getting my hands dirty with the compost..


and here we are the first things that i planted were the garlic..


and while i had my hands dirty.... i got the dreg ends of the potatoes that were at the bottom of the sack


and planted them in old compost bags, as its too cold to plant them outside... so they can stay in the greenhouse until i can put the bags outside...


i have got proper seed potatoes chitting at the moment on my bedroom windowsill... those ones i will plant in my m.i.l. garden..

also managed to sow some tomato seeds, sweet peas, lettuce, cabbage and some peas, so cant wait to plant some more things....

right better go and wash my dirty