Monday, 20 July 2009

feeling a bit better today

thank you for your lovely comments yesturday,

as you can guess i was rather sad yesturday and feeling rather low


It was my birthday yesturday, and i was 43...and i just felt...... well, like the years are whizzing by, and i just felt my dream house would be just that 'A DREAM'

Thankfully i am feeling a bit better today, i am even thinking about those saucy chat lines to make

But hopefully in the next day or so i will feel a bit better and full of energy again...

Catch you all later...... and thank you for being there for me

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Lost my Mojo

First of all sorry for not posting for a few moths, but as the song goes 'Life has been a Rollercaoster'

to sum it all up, work very busy, managed to take a wage.. had over 8k in my daydream fun 'HURRAY!!!!! finally getting somewhere,

T.H.E.N...... a buyer let me down,, had loads of stock.. so had to put some of my daydream fund money back into business, so now i am left with just over 3k..

so at the mo i do feel a bit piddled off,

To be honest i have also lost my mojo, as every time i have been thinking or looking at properties, its just made me feel so low, and i end up crying, and saying 'sod it' and sending hubby out for a takeaway ...

maybe after blurting this out, maybe i can get it out of my system and maybe my mojo will come back....

ooooo ye if you do find my mojo, just give it a dam good kick up the back side, and send it home as it is desperately needed....