Thursday, 23 October 2008


I need Help and ideas from you shabby chic'rs I am soooo piddled off with ebay at mo, i have decided to jump right in with my biker boots and have a websit to sell my vintage clothing and other vintage chich bits and pieces.

i need help in what catogory buttons to have..this is what i have thought of

Vintage Clothes
Vintage nylon nighties
handbags and accessories
Tea Towels
Bits and bobs.
Craft items

The lady who i have bought the web layout from has also asked me for any text, and i havent got a flipping clue any ideas ?


Sunday, 12 October 2008

Blowing off the Dust

this week my electric sewing machine decided to play up AGAIN!!!!
So i have dug out my old singer sewing machine, that was given to me when i was about 8 - 9 Years old... i spent many an hour in my bedroom with this old hand singer machine making clothes for my dolls.. well trying to


i absolutely love the look of old machines... plus if you think about it they are sooooooo eco friendly.. you dont need electric to make them work they are practically bomb proof.. and there are so many of them still around you can pick them up very cheaply. plus they look lovely in the corner of the room as a decrative piece of furniture.


guess what i will be playing with tonight....

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

i am a very happy bunny!!!!!!

ooo sandie a very big THANK YOU.. i love it, its pefect look sandie from dancing on a blade of grass kindly got a bathroom sig.

plus yesturday a house clearance person i know came in and i had these for FREE
such a happy bunny.( with cheesey grin on face)

i have been looking for a cake stand for ages, but just couldnt justify spending the money that people were asking for them...
plus a beautiful mirror which i havent taken a photo of the whole thing otherwise you will see my messing living room lol.

this is going to go in bath room when its all decorated. might leave it as it it or i might do a rough coat of dimity paint on it...

i am such a lucky girl today....

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

i am def on the change

i am def on the change,lol.... and one of them is def liking more girlie things... i am slowly stepping away from the goth - biker look, and designs etc....

these curtains came into work a few days ago.. and i had a lovely cheesey grin on my face as i liked them sooooooo much...dont know what i am going to do with them mind you... prob annoy my hubby with

so you chic'ers are def rubbing off on me.... flipping heck you never know i might start wearing high heels next....

what do you think of the curtains...? any suggestions on what i can do with them. they are poss 1950's with that lovely shinny sheen to them