Wednesday, 2 September 2009


i found this site called swagbucks, its an american search engine and you get points if you search via their site...

you can cash your points in at, for 45 points you can get a $5 gift code to use, i am going to save all my points and cash the codes in when i have a load, to cover the postage too, but they have loads of other things you can cash your points on, but for me the Amazon one is the best, as i want to get some American craft and shabby chic

I have added a banner on my page..

Getting a bit piddled off with this weather now.... British Summer time ? more like British Monsson Season if you ask

catcha all later....

Monday, 31 August 2009

lets get back on track ( again)

ok i am trying to get back on track...

well i have finally sold my trike 'sob' the guy paid the rest of the money and took her away..

bye bye...trikey

my trike,kawasaki trike

I done a boot sale at the monthly farm auction... and done very well, this really did give me a well deserved boot up the backside. to get me back on track..

i was selling secondhand wellies for a £1... and sold over 20

so now looking to find other farm auctions etc with trade stands and boot sales..

will update my total, and TRY and keep on track....

ooo ye sold 4 welsh bankets too....those farmer's wives have good taste...

Thursday, 20 August 2009

please can all vistors do me a Huge favour

i have a wonderfull friend on the shabbychic cafe forum, and she needs our votes, i would love it if she has the most votes and win....

i have put a link on my blog.... its the one at the top.. with the egg cup voting you will also be entered into a competition, to win a dorset box of cerals....

so if you could vote for little gem's blog it would be brilliant, and just leave me a little comment if you have.... as i love having little comments.... its the highlight of my

LITTLE GEM TO WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

sorry i havent posted for a while... but i have got to get back on track...

to sum up the last month or fund went up to over 8k..hurray!!!!
then the business went through a cashflow blip. ...boooo!!!

so now my total fund is .....£3,032.97

dont think its anywhere near the amount i need to buy this beautifull place, with its 'dingle Chic'

'what the heck is Dingle Chic' i hear you well have you seen the dingles in Emmerdale...? ..well i absolutely love their kitchen/living room...yes i know its all messy. but have you seen the handmade throws? and those retro kitchen cupboards? bloody

better go and get some listings ready for ebay, i have now decided to part with these curtains.... so keep an eye out for them in the next few days on ebay, along with other vintage materials etc..


Monday, 20 July 2009

feeling a bit better today

thank you for your lovely comments yesturday,

as you can guess i was rather sad yesturday and feeling rather low


It was my birthday yesturday, and i was 43...and i just felt...... well, like the years are whizzing by, and i just felt my dream house would be just that 'A DREAM'

Thankfully i am feeling a bit better today, i am even thinking about those saucy chat lines to make

But hopefully in the next day or so i will feel a bit better and full of energy again...

Catch you all later...... and thank you for being there for me

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Lost my Mojo

First of all sorry for not posting for a few moths, but as the song goes 'Life has been a Rollercaoster'

to sum it all up, work very busy, managed to take a wage.. had over 8k in my daydream fun 'HURRAY!!!!! finally getting somewhere,

T.H.E.N...... a buyer let me down,, had loads of stock.. so had to put some of my daydream fund money back into business, so now i am left with just over 3k..

so at the mo i do feel a bit piddled off,

To be honest i have also lost my mojo, as every time i have been thinking or looking at properties, its just made me feel so low, and i end up crying, and saying 'sod it' and sending hubby out for a takeaway ...

maybe after blurting this out, maybe i can get it out of my system and maybe my mojo will come back....

ooooo ye if you do find my mojo, just give it a dam good kick up the back side, and send it home as it is desperately needed....

Sunday, 19 April 2009

wooohoooo i have hit the 1k savings

wooohooooo i have now got over

sold some things at a farm auction yesturday.... some broad bean and cabbage plants, also sold some wax jackets and wellies,

cashed out my free scratchcard money from virgin bingo ( if you want to know how just let me know in the comments and i will talk you through it)

plus cashed out some money from paypal for things i have sold on ebay

been a beautifull day here, so i have been doing some more sowing, and waht ever surplus i got i will take to the auction, i am also going to layer some honeysuckle, to get some cuttings going, plus i think i will get some root cuttings from my pineapple mint, so ican sell them on too at hte auction... i might as well, even if i only get 50p per plant it all helps... towards my fund.

my sealed tin is getting heavier by the day too, with the loose change i am putting in.

sorry there are no pics today for you to see, but i really do want to make hte most of this weekend, and make the most of it out in the garden.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

what a beautifull unspoiled gem

i seen an old farm advertised on the old internet, which is only a few miles away, and hubby agreed to take me to have a look,

wow was i in daydream heaven, an old little farmhouse cottage which i think dates back to the 1700's and hardly been modernised. vintage bliss

took some pics to show you all


and this is the back of the house.... this part of the house looks as though it was added umpteen years ago...its even lower than hubby, and he is 6ft 2


there is 10 acres of land, which is rough pasture and woods,ooooo ye and a stream at the bottom of the garden


here are some pics of the surrounding land



and for the grand sum of 220k.....((((((((((((((SIGN)))))))))))))))

on the way back the next house to the farm we seen a guy outside who hubby works with, and he was saying that loads of people have been going to see it, so its going to get snapped up, even with the loads of work that needs doing.

this afternoon when we came back i was sooooooooo desperate i was thinking of putting a donation button on my blog, or even starting a new blog purely for and then i came to my senses...

i will plodd along and one day hopefully when i have got money i will find another old farm

there's one good thing with all this, hubby is now on side, he was even working out how much tonnage i need to sell of grade A textiles to cover the

anyway going now as i am in the middle of making bacon and onion mini quiches with grated cheese on top. trying to use the abundance of eggs i've got.....tata for now..


Friday, 10 April 2009

just a quicky..... i just want to say a VERY BIG 'THANK YOU'

to you, as your comments really do mean alot to me, as some times i feel i need to get back into the real world and wake up, and realise the way that i am going i will never get my smallholding,

I am going to carry on and maybe one day when i am on my zimmer frame i might own


yesturday in work i managed to sell some levi jeans to a local ebayer and sell some old welsh blankets and quilts to an antique dealer so a grand total of £247 is to be added to my total......wooooohoooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 5 April 2009

'well.......I never'

Well......I never i actually found out that hubby has allways wanted a pet cow, and kept asking his parents for one when he was well he's got one now....ME....LOL...


I honestly think he is getting used to the 'good life' idea, he doesnt grumble anymore when i ask him to help me in the garden, and has said he wants to buy an incubator.....espcially when he seen how much the young geese were going for...
PLUS..... he doesnt tell me we cant have a smallholding he is def getting used to the idea..

sadly the chicks we bought a few weeks ago all died..was well gutted, the only thing i can think of it was too long in the cold in the auction, and the chill had set in.

been having a good few weeks.... managed to sell some vintage things in work so i can offically add another £500 to my total...

went to the arm auction again this weekend, was meaning to take htings to sell, but we got up late. bought a pair of young red silkies which are sooooooooo cute, and this year's hatch


and a white pair which are older...they were in a box so couldnt see them properly, and when we got them home their feet/legs are in very poor will be treating htem over the next week or so


this weekend i am making the most of the dry weather and have been in and out of the garden..and have been transplanting my cabbage plants etc


and now i am going to have a lovely fried egg sandwich with these lovely fresh eggs



Monday, 9 March 2009

and we're off ( again)

yep my daydream fund has now got some money in it again... so we're off with the grand total of............

wait for it................



so my little piggy has now been



went to the farm auction on saturday with hubby, and we bought 6 bluebell chicks and 6 naked neck chicks..... sadly we lost one of the bluebell chicks, it was a very cold and damp day, there is one that still doesnt look right, so i havent gone into to work today, so i can keep an eye on it...

have decided i am going to grow alot more seeds etc than i will use myself to sell at the farm auction to raise some more this afternoon i am going to buy a kg of runner bean seeds and a kg of broad bean seeds and a box of 408 plant trays for 9 plants each, from a local bargin shop/garden supplies, this guy also has a storage unti by my unit so... he's giving me a goods price on them...i think the trays work out at 12p each and the runner bean seeds are £11 per kg so all in all i will make some money there..if not i will have loads of runner beans to sell and put in the

Need to plant up some strawberry plants that i got today, which i ordered off ebay... i bought 20 runners, which are huge and healthy... so will pot them in individual pots and keep them in the greenhouse, to bring them on a bit earlier... cant wait.... strawberries and cream......mmmmmmmmmm

so my mojo is back on track...

catch you all later.....

Sunday, 1 March 2009

oooo i am such a dirty girl .....'look'

i am such a dirty girl....'look' at these hands


hahahahaha.....'gotcha' ......what did you think i had been up to...ok dont answere

well i have had a wonderfull day just doing bits around the garden and in the greenhouse..

i had to make a start on planting these seeds and garlic


so i got my trays all ready


and started getting my hands dirty with the compost..


and here we are the first things that i planted were the garlic..


and while i had my hands dirty.... i got the dreg ends of the potatoes that were at the bottom of the sack


and planted them in old compost bags, as its too cold to plant them outside... so they can stay in the greenhouse until i can put the bags outside...


i have got proper seed potatoes chitting at the moment on my bedroom windowsill... those ones i will plant in my m.i.l. garden..

also managed to sow some tomato seeds, sweet peas, lettuce, cabbage and some peas, so cant wait to plant some more things....

right better go and wash my dirty

Sunday, 15 February 2009

getting all excited we went out and about yesturday as we heard lidl had apple trees for just £3.99.... managed to get a bramley apple tree, but we need to get another type of apple tree so they can polinate.... so i heard aldi are having apple trees in on thursday... so will take a nose..

hubby came with me, and to be honest it is genuinely taking an interest..and coming up with ideas, and things that HE needs to do.....mmmmmmmmmmmmm either he wants something or he has decided.. to give in to the

we bought some garlic, seed potatoes, some early peas and a rhubarb crown.. ok i know i have one in our garden, but i love making chutney... so another plant will not be


some sad news......... my daydream fund has now gone down to zero...... to help pay for the clearing of the garden..... so will start again.... but at least i have some land to play with in the mean time.. unless the dreaded m.i.l. starts being awkward...

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

WOW.. its sooooooooooooo BIG!!!!!!!!!!!! its a whopper

WOW............i didnt realise it was sooooooooo big. its a flipping whopper..

Even though its flipping snowing, and freeeeezzzzzing cold, the tree guy has stuck to his word, and is working on my m.i.l garden to clear all the shrubs and brambles, and those dead trees...

and look.. i didnt realise how big the garden was


ooooooo cant wait ... we need to hire a cultivator and dig up all those roots etc... but hayho... then it will be ready for planting... better starting chitting a big sack of

Sunday, 25 January 2009

'this time next year rodders'

yep that is what hubby has been saying all flipping day to me....


sooooo much has happened since i posted last, but i have been keeping all my friends in the shabbychic cafe. updated

basically cut a very long story mother in law have said we can use her garden.. for growing veg etc.. but it is sooooooooo over grown and has about 6 trees that are sooo dangerous they need felling.. i am now paying someone to clear it all, so all we have to do is dig up the roots etc... He is going to be starting this next week so will keep you updated on this ( promise).. I was going to use money from my business. but now this is going to be needed elsewhere ( tell you in a

So basically my Daydream fund will be back to zero, and i will have to start again, but in my defence with spending my money i will be doing something that will be a bit like what i would be doing on a


So watch this space over the coming weeks/months..

Right lets go back to the begining...... ' this time next year rodders' hubby has been saying this to me ALL My business has now go to a diff level,, so i a have had to buy a bigger van and take someone on full time...

He is also mentioning that you never know that maybe in the future we could afford a farm....( WHAT!!!!!! you are actually coming round to realise that i am not a daydreamer anymore...WOW) He took me to see a little smallholding locally today, so that is 2 now.. and i think he is getting interested in the idea


I promise for all you shabby chic'ers.... i will try and get some more material etc on ebay over the next few days....

Ta.... for now.... got to go and carry on daydreaming.....( well troll through the internet looking for smallholdings...hehehehe)