Friday, 4 June 2010

what would you call it?

i have had a few days off work, so i can just potter around the garden and play with my chickens and ducks, as to be honest i am drained out with work, so i am just re-charging my batteries.

Anyway... i have had to throw away ( dont hiss at me ) eggs again, as we are getting soooooooooo many everyday. So we are buying a bigger incubator, so we can hatch more eggs, so at least we can sell the chicks at the farm auctions.

I know i could sell them on, but to be honest to be honest i am so busy lately, i dont think i have the time..... but i was thinking.... about starting up a local yahoo group,or a speciality forum, so people can swop surplus produce, what do you think? would it work? I also need a name for tis group, but my mind has gone blank.... so any suggestions would be great...

as at the moment i could swop a load of eggs and broad bean plants

ooo well i am off now to try and find places to plant more broad beans...

please ready my hub pages..... thanks...

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