Friday, 14 November 2008

i'm nearly there

yep had an email last night from the website people to say its not going to be long before i can start listing my things for sale..hurrayyyyy!!!!!!

i thnk it was due to emails not being recieved from designer..

panicking a bit now,as i'm not to sure what to put on there

but here are some tasters of the type of things that might be on there..hehehehe


1940's cc41 table cloth


some vintage material


granny blanket

and loads more.....

Sunday, 9 November 2008

what do you think from a pillow case to this

yesturday, after reading lace threads blog it got me 'itching' to make something so this is whatt i managed to amke out of an old pillow case. and a bit of crochet lace that came into work as rags...its the same crochet lace that i gave bloomin murtle a while back

what do you think as a first attempt?
ok i a pattern just for a stocking.
i also used an old cotton sheet for the lining on the inside, and used wadding too
here is a pic of the top
so i will prob finish it off by putting an organza ribbon bow on the top too, hubby said it was good but not very 'christmasy' lol.. well its kept me busy for an hour or too until my sewing machine packed up...

Saturday, 8 November 2008

there is nothing as good as a freebie

this week its been like an emotional rollercoster for me, hubby broke his foot so is off work for 6 weeks ...eeeekkkkk!!!!

so now my tightwad gazzette is being read again, just to remind me of some money saving tips..


so that is my emtional down sorted....and now my high..

my ..FREEBIES....


my cake plate and china cake cutter

AND 2 christmas plates

I have just been reading lace hearts blog.. wow is that lady good...that christmas cake looks sooooo yummy....and that beautifull horse that they have made.. SO you young lady!!!!! have made me want to sew.... so this afternoon. i am going to have a few hours in front of the old sewing machine.... so watch this space for my i cant shop i might as well sew....

Saturday, 1 November 2008

I'm SLOWLY getting there.

yep i am slowly getting there with my website, but i am going to have to have help setting it up as i havent got a flipping

so hopefully within the next few weeks i will have some of my lovely vintage clothes and fabrics online for people to buy...

All the money from items sold on the website and ebay.. yes i know i hate them, but hayho if i can sell some things to get some pennies for my daydream fun... its got to be a good thing..

Pricing is going to be my problem as i dont know how much to charge ... how much do you think i should ask for this?